Course completion based on number of lessons complete, not all complete

Apr 01, 2016

I'm fairly new to Storyline and need some help/advice.

I'm working on a large course that has about 20 "Lessons," that are basically scenes in Storyline. Each lesson feature several slides and a graded quiz at the end. These lessons are on different topics and do not progress from one to another. My students have to complete at least a 15 of the total lessons available to pass the course (get a completion certificate). 

I need a way to have to have different results pages at the end of each lesson (scene) and then add the logic that can tell if the student has completed/passed enough of these scene to equal to the total needed to pass the entire course. If they have not completed/passed enough, I need a way to mark their progress over the period of the school year.

To help make this clearer, I made a progress diagram to help illustrate it. My course will have 20+ scenes, but for illustration I'm only showing 3.

The students must pass 2 of the 3 lessons in any order to get their certificate in this example.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Claire!

Brainstorming with you here and hopefully others in the community will pop in to assist as well. 

Tracking/completion is based off of either a results slide or the number of slides viewed. If you are only needing to track completion, perhaps utilizing the solution shared here will work for you. This could be a hidden slide that the user could only access once a condition has been met - perhaps the same button that the user is navigating back to the course menu with could have a variable counter that allows the user to access the final slide once the counter has reached 15. Just a thought as the traditional tracking is not going to meet your needs.

Again, hopefully some community members will be able to chime in and assist.

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