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Good morning,

I have two questions about a certificate I have created at the conclusion of training project I am creating in Storyline. I am a new user so this may sound like a dumb question but hopefully not! The last slide in my course will be a certificate of completion that contains the student's name, their inspector's license number, and the current date. In the first slide of the class, the student enters their first and last name and inspector's license number which I store as a variable. In the certificate, I use a trigger to display the name and license number in the certificate. So problem one is that I would to include the current date in a text field but I have been unable to figure this one out. I used some code from Sinchu Raj and attempted to follow the process posted by Michael Heinz but to no avail. Any assistance on how to complete this would be greatly appreacted.

The second question is how can I print this last slide? I want the student to be able to print the last slide which is their certificate of completion. Once again, any assistance someone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rocky,

Regarding the date, did you see this Articulate support page on Java Script Best Practices? It includes some content plus a link to a (very good) Brian Batt Screenr on how to insert the current date. I've used it in the past and it's worked for me.

There's also Java Script for printing the current window, but like Simon I've seen only intermittent success with that in the forums (haven't tried it myself on an actual course).

Rocky Carlisle

I figured out the pint certificate problem (thanks to this forum) using the the following java script in a java executable trigger.  window.print();

I entered the slide number in the parenthesis and used the procedure at the following URL: // I set the trigger to execute at the beginning of the timeline so the print window opens as the slide appears.  So the end result is that at the beginning of the course, the student enters their name as printed on their technician's license and their license number; these are stored as a variable. Once the student completes the training which is about three hours, the last slide that appears is the certificate of completion which is ready to print with their full name, license number (retrieved as a variable), and the date field populated from the Articulate server. Thanks to all for the much needed help!