Removing 'resume' option after course completion.

Jan 13, 2015

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to keep the resume prompt active in all slides, but not when someone has already finished the course. In other words remove it from the last slide only.

I would like students to leave the course if they wish and then pick up where they left of at a later date using the resume function.

The problem is that when the course has been completed, the last slide allows the student to print off a certificate if successful. The student can enter their name, print off a certificate and another slide layer then appears with a button to exit the course appearing over the print certificate button. When this is pressed, the course is exited.

If the course is then re-purchased, the student is given the resume option and if yes is pressed they can just enter their name and print off a certificate without doing the course again.

Is there any way the resume function can be removed from this last slide but leave the option on for the others or do I need to remove the option for all slides?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gary!

If a course is viewed by multiple users on the same machine — each with a unique machine login — a unique Flash cookie will be set for each user.

But if users share a machine and the computer login, the resume will be the same for everyone.

If the latter is true, then you may need to remove the resume feature as it controls what you describe.

Others in the community may have their best advice on this as well :)

Gary White

Hi Emily,

I have the problem sorted.

It was quite simple really. All I have done is inserted a new slide after the printing certificate slide.

I am using this final slide as a thank you, etc. This slide has a button which is triggered to exit the slide. Also set to resume saved status.

When the course is repurchased, they are taken to this slide now. The only option is to start from the beginning otherwise they simply exit the course. Obviously I have put a note in the resume prompt to give them warning of this.

Thanks very much for your help.


Teresa Przybysz

Does the cookie actually get deleted when the same person is sent back to the first page of the course?

I am running into the problem where the graded quiz questions at the end of the course sometimes show the red incorrect/green correct feedback and I cannot click on the answer choices.  I can only click on Submit.  The entire course is set to resume, and it is run outside of an LMS on the intranet.  I am testing it being run through SharePoint.


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