Course does not resume correctly

Hi, I set a Save & Exit link in the Player with a trigger to Exit Course. But when my learner clicks on that, it does not save where he was nor the variables that were changed.

I found the same issue when I reviewed the course in Review360. I also tried closing the course window and it still did not save the progress. The course is published in LMS with Scorm 1.2.

It's a lengthy course and my learners are going to want to be able to pause and come back to it. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Bryce!

I see you're getting great help from Phil and Susi! Just stopping in to join in on the brainstorm fun:

  • The heroes are right: If you revisit content in Review 360 during another browsing session or after closing it out, it will start at the beginning without referencing your resume settings.
  • If you could share your .story file, we don't have a file size limit on our SCORM Cloud account and can test the resuming for you! Use this link to send it along.