Course Freezes When Students Resume

May 02, 2017

Hey guys, 

We seem to have some issues with our course not allowing students to easily return to where they left off after exiting. We publish our course to SCORM 1.2 and use a third party LMS called Litmos. 

This has always been a slight problem for some students, but not for all, and usually by suggesting they switch to Google Chrome as their web browser the issue is resolved. However, lately we've noticed a large uptick in complaints about the course freezing, and to my surprise, these folks are doing everything correctly: high speed internet connection, google chrome, re-launching their web browser, re-starting their computer, updating google chrome, etc.. Then they try...Internet Explorer AND IT WORKED!!! I was flabbergasted when we discovered that was the solution! 

So here are my two questions: Why does the course "freeze" in the first place? And why doesn't it work smoothly across all of the common web browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari? 

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