course not resuming properly after exit

May 16, 2018

I built a course that is actually a test.  It has 8 different quizzes in it. 

The user selects which quiz they want to take from a menu.  When they complete a quiz, they are sent back to the menu where they can take another test.  The states of each quiz (pass/fail/not complete) are tracked using variables and the colors of the buttons identify the state to the user.

I expect users to complete all the exams over a 5 day period.  I need them to be able to take a quiz, exit the course and then resume the course the following day with the state of the quizzes intact.  This is not happening.

When the user exits the course using an exit link I put on the player they are asked if they want to resume where they left off and it takes them to some random slide in a test.

Does anyone have any suggestions?






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Wendy Farmer

Hi Liz

sounds like you may be hitting the suspend data limit -are you publishing to Scorm 1.2? If possible try publishing to Scorm 2004 which has a higher limit. Also try testing in Scormcloud - if resume works correctly there it may be a setting in your LMS

KB article

Elizabeth Levine

My slides are set to automatically decide.

My course isn't huge though.  When I attempt to publish to SCORM 2004, I don't get the option of specifying the SCORM 2004 edition.  It seems to be publishing to SCORM 2004 edition 2 (this is what is being shown in SCORM cloud).  Of course this edition has a 4000 character data limit!

The course works as designed when I published to TIN CAN and test in SCORM Cloud.

My antiquated LMS may not even support SCORM2004 so I think I'm going to be out of luck.

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