Course Opening in New Tab, not New Window

Aug 08, 2017

I'm trying to publish a course, but when I test it, my LMS (Cornerstone) open a new window that only has a yellow Launch button, then it opens the course in a new tab of my browser. How do I fix this? 

Attached is a pic of my player settings.

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Kelly Schultze

It's our standard to have the courses to launch in a new window, we just don't want an unnecessary pop-up in addition to the course. The confusing thing is that I'm using the same Articulate settings I've always used, however this is the first course I've published to the LMS since installing the latest 360 update. I have a ticket in with our LMS provider, so hopefully it's an easy fix on their end (or one I can make on the LMS).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

I can't think of any of the features or fixes added in the last couple of updates that would have changed the behavior. Do you know if your LMS has done any updates? 

Keep me posted on what your LMS team says! You could also look at testing the course out at SCORM Cloud. It's a standard for LMS testing, and this article has steps to get you started.

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