Hi Articulate Storyline 360 I have a training video. The training videos consist of a total of 50 slides. Examination, test, etc. Absolutely nothing. There are only educational videos. Here's our problem. As you watch every screen, you have to send a score. But it does not send a score because it is only an education to the LMS system. How can we do this? We want you to send scores as these training videos are watched. I would appreciate your support of the solution. It's a bit urgent.

Thank you very much already for the support.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Selçuk!

With Storyline 360, you can track the number of slides viewed to trigger course completion when learners view a specific number of slides. You can also track using a quiz result, but it sounds like your course does not have a quiz. How have you set up your Reporting and Tracking Options?

If your course contains videos, there isn't a way within Storyline to track user progress or completion of a video. However, you may consider using a True/False variable trigger when the media completes so you can tell if the user finished the video.


Hi Alyssa, first of all, I really thank you for all your support. The training package consists only of video content. No quizzes and no tests. But as you can see in the picture above, SCORM shows the CLOUD Score section as unknow. We want to record scoring as we watch the training videos. And I tried to try your last suggestion, but I guess I did not succeed. Could you send me one sample file on my request for recruitment from you? I ask you to come back, I wish you good work.

Phil Mayor

A course where you view content really shouldn't have a score you should be tracking by slides viewed.

Do you mean you want to report percentage complete to the LMS? Storyline does not do this out of the box, you could achieve this in one of two ways, the videos  slides could each be built on an MCQ question (that is hidden from the user that submits correct at the end of each slide and then reports back via a results slide, or you could set up a variable that is incremented at the end of every slide and then reported via javascript to the LMS, you probably want to add the trigger on each slide and add conditions to ensure the variable is only incremented once for each slide.

Of course if it is only one video, then upload it to 360 and download as a scorm package set to report a score.

Phil Mayor

Looking at your file you need to do a few things

Create variables

  • Score (number variable) initial value of 0
  • T/F for each video slide (Video1 etc) with initial value of false.

On each video slide I notice you are not tracking if the video is viewed so you probably want to send score when the slide starts.

You need two triggers on each slide (I chose to add 2 as you have 50 videos and this will add up to 100%)

  1. Adjust variable (Score) add value of 2 on condition that Video1 is equal to False when timeline starts
  2. Adjust Variable Video1 to True then timeline starts

They need to be in this order

Add a final trigger on the slide master to Execute javascript when variable changes (Score)

add the code below into the code window.

var player=GetPlayer();
var totalScore=player.GetVar("Score");
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(Score, 100, 0);

Hi Phil, Can I ask you something? You can reach the training by following link. Could you set up a score system for all the videotapes in there? I have to deliver this business to the monday by Monday. Please, it's urgent. I ask you to come back, I wish you good work.

I sent you a link to LinkedIn. Thank you very much for your support.