Course slow and clunky in LMS

Hi everyone,

I've designed a course in Storyline 2 and everything works fine in there. When I upload to our LMS (LearnConnect) the course is slow, some animations don't happen, it's overall quality is poor.

Does anyone have any experience in this and possible solutions?

Much appreciated,


EDIT: Sorry, should have specified that I attempted to test in SCORM cloud but I would receive an error in attempting to launch the file.

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Marella Verbeeten

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. The course seems to be working in SCORM cloud now so perhaps my IT system caused it.

However, I've reduced all the quality settings to the minimum and it's made no difference to how the course publishes in either our LMS or SCORM Cloud.

The course is quite large with 62 slides as there are branching scenarios, but I've even tried to publish just one scene containing just 8 slides and it always publishes the same. There are no video files in the course, just small sound effect files.

In particular, I've set some lines to "wipe" on entry and exit and they are just disappearing once the course is published. And yet, when I test the course in Articulate it works perfectly.

Matthew Bibby

Glad you got it working in SCORM Cloud.

It's odd that publishing 8 slides ended up being the same size as the full course and that changing the quality settings didn't make any difference. 

If I was in your shoes, I'd try importing the project to a new SL file and see if that makes any difference. I've heard reports that even 'Save As...' a couple of time and giving it a different file name can tidy things up a bit.

If neither of those things helps, you might want to reach out to Articulate Support.

Regarding the "wipe" animations, that animation type isn't supported in the HTML5 output so that could be causing the issue you are seeing there.

Yell out if I can help at all.