LMS file size doubled - very slow to launch course with output in new Storyline 360 v3.50.24382.0

Apr 20, 2021

With the removal of Flash - when publishing for LMS - SCORM 1.2 there are no options for format (HTML5). With two videos included in course, the same zip file size doubled. In HTML5 CSS folder the output.min.css file is 83mb! 

I've also noticed the course is extremely slow to launch from the LMS.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Richard!

Thank you for sharing this with us! I do not see similar reports after releasing Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0). Are you noticing the file size is doubled when publishing for Web too? Also, is the course launching differently when using multiple browsers? Or is it just one browser where you're noticing the lag?

It would be helpful to take a look at your course to understand the behavior fully. Would you mind uploading the .story file to us in a support case? We'll delete it after troubleshooting.

Richard Wall

Due to proprietary information I can't share the file. I did have two other designers publish and test in SumTotal. The one designer with same version Storyine v3.50.24382.0 created the same size file 127MB zip course. The output.min.css file was 83.4 mb. These would take OVER a minute to open in IE (I know but still our organizations default browser). Publishing to Web created a total file size of 86.8 with a majority being the output.min.css file. The Other designer had not updated and was on Storyline 3.47 which published a 66mb zip file and did launch in IE.

Richard Wall

Additionally in the 3.47 version - the output.min.css file size was 464KB compared to the 3.5 version output.min.css file size of 83.4MB. Am i correct in feeling the videos are being added to the output.min.css file in the newer version? When published for web, there were no mp4 video files and the output.min.css file was 83.4MB also.