Course triggering completion certificate

Aug 14, 2012

Some of my courses are not registering as passed and are not registering as complete in the LMS.  When this happens the user does not get the LMS generated certificate either. 

I have a results slide and have double checked that the triggers are accurate.  I also made sure that the files are published to track quiz results.  I tested a file in SCORM Cloud and it looks like my activity registered.  SCORM Cloud does not offer certificates, though, so I am not sure if there is another option I should be chosing when creating or publishing my course that would activate the certificate?

Thanks for your help!

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Caryn Stets

The LMS is BizLibrary.  We did quite a bit of troubleshooting yesterday.  We are Publishing to SCORM and we cannot find a setting within Storyline that looks out of place.  The LMS user is supposed to be able to take the course and the quiz multiple times.  In our demo work yesterday, if the user fails the course the first time, the certificate will not generate when they pass it the second time through.  The new score is also not tracking after the first time through the course.  We tried to change some of the settings in the LMS but that was not working.  Today, we are testing AICC format to see if that will work.

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