Course with multiple result slides doesn't show correct results

Jul 25, 2018


I set up a course with three quizzes (passing score 80%). Each of them has four questions and a related result slide. At the end of the course, a result slide should combine the results of the three quizzes and report the overall result to the LMS.

Assuming that all 12 questions (counting 10 points each) are answered correctly, the first result slide will calculate the result as expected (100%, 40 points, passing score 32 points). The result slide of the second quiz calculates 50%, 40 points, passing score 64 points. The result slide of the third quiz calculates 33.33%, 40 points, passing score 96 points. The overall result slide calculates "Infinity%", 120 Points, passing score 0 (zero) Points.

As proposed in the Forum, I checked if the variables of all result slides have different names (which is the case), and I deleted all result slides in order to set them up again from scratch. Unfortunately, it didn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions to solve this Problem? Thanks & kind regards,


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