Courses intermittently not completing.

Dec 03, 2012

I have three courses (1 storyline, 2 presenter) in my LMS that have worked correctly for months, but in the last week I've had multiple users take the training but not have their training marked as complete. Oddly enough, other users are taking the training with no issues, so it's an issue only affecting some.

I'm working with our vendor to see if there is anything LMS-based happening, but I was hoping that y'all might have some insight to share on this too. Every little bit helps!

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Julie Anne Fox

Hi There!

We have these problems with our LMS too. Our LMS only supports IE but staff want to use FireFox and Chrome which do not report properly to our LMS. Another issue we have is the option to "Review" or "Restart" a course. If it is annual training and the user has already completed the course, they must choose "Restart" or the activity will not be tracked.

Let us know how you resolve your problem!


Ira Hall

Hi Julie

These are great things to keep in mind, as we have some annual training assignments coming up. But in this case, they're brand new registrations, so the restart/review/retake button isn't the cause.

The users in question are using IE, so it's not a browser issue (well, not a firefox or chrome issue).

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I'll keep you posted about what I find.

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