Courses not bookmarking in LMS when set to "Resume Saved State"

Sep 11, 2017


I have a number of courses in which I have set the slides to "resume saved state". However, because of this, they are not bookmarking when uploaded to our LMS. Is there a fix for this? or is this a known issue? 

I am using Articulate Storyline 2. 

Thank you,


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Jessica Rigsby

HI Alyssa, 

Thank you for the response. When a user closes out of the course, when they re-launch the course they get the prompt to resume. However, if they click yes, they are being taken back to Lesson 2 each time. (There are 3 lessons and then a quiz). I can load a file for you to look at. How do I submit the file? 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

Yes it seems that it may be hitting the Suspend data limit. I published a copy of your course here with SCORM 1.2 and ran into the same thing, that the resume kicked me back to the second scene/lesson.

Here are some suggestions on how to work around the resume/suspend data and if you'd like to give it a test as well, you may want to use SCORM Cloud - an industry standard for testing LMS content.

Let us know what your LMS vendor shares too! 


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