Courses publish with Storyline 3 Build 10 are not opening in IE

I recently updated Storyline 3 to Build 10.  After the update, I published a course in the HTML5 Only format for LMS and sent it to our technology team for testing on Cornerstone LMS.  The course works fine in Chrome but will not open in IE 11. It opens as a light gray blank screen and nothing happens. Our tech team did all of our typical troubleshooting (Pop-up block uncheck, Third-party browser extensions enabled, play animations and sounds enabled).   I suspect the issue is with build 10 because then I published a previous course with build 10 that worked fine when published in build 9 and it did the same thing.  Then I had a co-worker who still has build 9 publish it, our tech team tested that version and it works fine as well. What do I need to do to get the course to play in IE?

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