Create a custom font?

Feb 19, 2014

My company's creative department insists we use our company's font; it's important for our branding. Can we--and how--pull in a custom font and will it play on all devices?

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Brent deMoville

Normally a custom font needs to be installed on all user environments or embedded like with Adobe Acrobat.  When I am faced with a situation where the font must be accurate in all environments I default to creating an image and inserting it.  That is not an ideal solution for you but perhaps your company would be willing to let the custom font be used in logos or special titles and let the rest default to a common font.

Lisa Rothrauff

Thanks, Brent. I am afraid the font really needs to appear across all our materials. I can install it so that it appears for Key/PPT slides, but it doesn't carry over. I am really surprised that the fonts in Storyline is very limited and that custom fonts can't be created. Anyone else have advice? Am I overlooking something?

Simon Perkins

Like Phil says, you should be able to install the font as normal and have SL pick it up just like Word/PPT etc would.

However, there are issues with certain fonts due to the way they've been named by the developer.  I logged a font issue a few months back then updated it in Jan having found a fix:

This font has been updated!  I've edited the (BRK) in the font name to just BRK.  It seems that Adobe Illustrator and web pages with CSS don't like fonts with ( and ) in their name.

So check the file name and see if an updated version exists.

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