Will my custom font appear correctly if learner does not have this font installed?

We are changing our branding, and want to know if our custom font will appear correctly for users if they do not have it installed on their system. 

This is with Storyline and Studio 360 - when published out, will the font stay true regardless of user's installed font availability. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Marilyn,

You should have no issue. Storyline itself installs a bunch of fonts on your system that you may already be using, and which end users don't have installed.

If you want to be really safe, why not just publish a tiny module to Review with the new font, and have someone who doesn't have Storyline installed launch it, so you can see the result.


Katie Riggio

Hello, Marilyn. Happy to lend a hand!

Learners should not have any trouble viewing any font you use in the published output. Out of curiosity, did the issue happen on a certain browser? Also, was the text missing or appearing incorrectly?

If you have an affected .story file, we'd love to look into what could be happening with the font. You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll gauge the course in another LMS environment, and delete it after troubleshooting!

Marilyn Freedberg

Thank you for the proactive response ... the issue where something looked fine in Review but then not in the LMS was not a font issue (and it wasn't Storyline, it was Studio and an image that was distorted in the LMS but looked fine in Review) - but it has made me leery of trusting Review to show everything exactly as it will appear in the LMS.

Best regards,


Lauren Connelly

Hi Marilyn!

Thanks for the clarification!

In that case, I would look at the system requirements of your LMS. Since everything is displaying properly in Studio and Review, it could be as simple as changing a setting. Which LMS are you using?

Can you test your project using SCORM cloud to see if the image is distorted in another LMS?