Create a custom rewind button?

Mar 04, 2014


I'm surprised I haven't seen this question asked before, so I'm hoping its something so simple and basic its not worth mentioning.

I have a need to restrict my users from fast forwarding through a presentation (regulated type training). As such, I need to supress the seekbar. unfortunately, when I restrict the seekbar I disallow the ability to rewind. I need to restrict the fast forward function but it would be nice to still allow rewind.

I created a custom pause button based on opening a slide layer where the layer pauses the timeline. This is done via a slide master; however, I haven't figured out a way to create a rewind button (or jump back X seconds) via a slide master.

Has anyone else solved this? Is there a way to have a rewind or jump back x seconds function while still suppressing the seekbar.


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Marc Lee

I haven't tried this, and it might be a lot of extra work, but one solution would be to divide the timeline for a slide up among several layers.  This way you could set up a system where the user could jump back several seconds and resume from that point by showing that layer and hiding the others.  Just a thought - don't know how workable in your set up.

Vaughan Martin


I have thought about doing something like you describe as well as placing markers along the timeline and jumping to those markers but I'm thinking that any such solution will too messy, so I haven't really tried. I want something preferably simple that I can do with the slide master if possible, this keeps the slides neat.  

I'm trying to create custom navigation; preventing fast forwarding while still allowing rewinding. Raul, I want to rewind the timeline regardless of what's on it. Ideally I like something similar to what the Seekbar's present capabilities are with rewinding but I know that's not in the programming yet. Perhaps if I could use the seekbar but prevent fast forwarding that would also do the trick, but again I haven't figured out how to do this and I don't think the software is capable of that either.


It looks as if this question has been asked before and it looks like after a lot of discussion, it was not solved. I'll place the link here for anyone wanting to follow that thread.

I would be great to have this feature. I wonder if anyone made a Feature Request for this?

Dave Cox

I was able to accomplish this with the SDK. I modified the timeline to allow you to scrub backwards, but not forwards. However, I lost so much of the functionality of the storyline player, and without enough information to rewrite all of the missing pieces, I had to abandon the project. 

The code needed to make this change in the player was really pretty simple. It seems to me that is shouldn't be that difficult for the Articulate engineers to add this as a feature to Storyline.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

You could place the hotspot or transparent shape (ensure it has a fill and that it's set to a transparent amount of around 99%) over the seekbar element, but not on the play button of the video within your slide. You can't do that same set up on the player seekbar unless you were to look at using the Storyline SDK as Dave mentioned. You can read more about the SDK here. It's not something we can offer support for, and as far as Dave's mention of adding this as a feature you're welcome and encouraged to share your thoughts on that as well in t he form of a feature request here. 

Simon Kohler

Ashley that's disappointing that after 2 years this hasn't been added to Storyline2 (My organisation paid over $2K to have it installed)  I'm not good with code and can't load additional software onto our Companies server with out IT approval (which takes time).  So I will need to advise my business that it's not possible without additional cast.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

Depending on your needs you could look at using the hotspot method as mentioned which includes no code. You could remove the seekbar from that one individual slide using the slide propertiees or you could also look at setting the seekbar to read only throughout the entire course so that way folks aren't using it to seek but just seeing it as the timing element. 

Simon Kohler

Thanks for looking in to this. I've got the seek bar functionality under control. What I need is the ability to rewind the video without the option to fast forward.

Thanks Simon

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Simon for clarifying a bit more, as perhaps I missed that in the variety of threads. I would defer to the community at this point as it's not something built into the Storyline interface. 

Also, as an FYI responding via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to edit the post to remove that information.

Jacqui Yoo
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simon,

Depending on your needs you could look at using the hotspot method as mentioned which includes no code. You could remove the seekbar from that one individual slide using the slide propertiees or you could also look at setting the seekbar to read only throughout the entire course so that way folks aren't using it to seek but just seeing it as the timing element. 

Is there any way to turn the playbar on/off using code? For instance, initially it would be off, the first time a user views a slide, and upon subsequent slide visits, it is turned on, perhaps with a variable?

David Sachse

The way I get around this is through creating a custom button which simply rewinds to the beginning of the video.

My video commences playing when the slide does. I have a custom pause which pause the timeline, and a custom replay button which triggers a jump to slide command by jumping back to the slide I'm currently on. I also set the slide properties to 'reset to original' when revisiting. In video options i set controls to show to none, to prevent the bar from showing and to remove temptation for the user.


This prevents the user from fast forwarding, allows them to pause and allows them to rewind to the beginning of the video.

Dennis MacQuilken

Here's my solution in case it can help someone. My client wanted a Play/Pause and Rewind button with no Seekbar.

This technique is only effective in HTML5 - there is a different answer on these forums somewhere for Flash users.

First, set the seekbar to Read-Only.

Second, set a trigger on the Slide Master to Execute Javascript when the timeline starts. Here's the code:

// hide the progress bar
$(".progress-bar").css("display", "none");


That line of code selects the progress bar and hides it. Because of some Storyline idiosyncracies, it needs to be hidden again every time a new slide loads. Hence placing the trigger on the Slide Master. Also, hiding the element keeps the HTML5/CSS layout intact, so everything still looks right.

I'm including a picture of how it renders in HTML5. FWIW, the same technique can be used to hide the Rewind button, leaving only the Play/Pause button. The code to hide the Rewind button is:

// hide the rewind button
$(".restart").css("display", "none");

Scott Dimmock

This is such an obvious request, I really need this to meet the compliance requirements for the course I am creating.  As above I simply need a way for a trainee to rewind part of a slide to listen again without restarting the whole slide and equally without being able to jump forward?  

Please tell me this has been solved by Articulate without the need to add additional code.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sanju,

You can click ahead on the seekbar if it's not enabled as "read only", and you can also replay the entire slide using the replay button. Are you looking for a rewind button that would allow you to return back to a particular point in the slide timeline? 

 We would love to hear more about what you would like to see regarding this ability if you're up for logging a feature request.