Create a quiz with a table

I am trying to create a quiz in Storyline where I want for someone to click a box in a matrix (which I created with a table and covered each box with a hotspot). When they click the box/hotspot I want the other boxes to fade in color and then for them to be able to submit. Before I didn't need to track responses so I had it set up with just hotspots and layers. Now that I actually want it as a quiz, I am struggling to get it to work because no matter how I set it up, they only have one chance to click, they can't change their mind and click another box. In addition, states don't seem to work for tables. Does anyone have any ideas? I have attached a modified version of the file I have been working on.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Nicole,

The reason that you can only make one initial selection is because the quiz question is set up on the base layer and once you open another layer on top of it and hide base layer objects, you no longer have access to your other boxes to change your selection.

If you want to make use of changing states in your table, one option you have is to "create" your table using rectangular shapes placed side by side. This gives the same appearance as your earlier table, but now you have the ability to change the state of each block individually. The "table" below was created using ten filled rectangles:

The only down side is that, depending on how you set it up, you may need a lot of triggers to change the state of each block depending on your selection.