Invalid Answer pops up on a hotspot question

Dec 14, 2023

I am using a hotspot question. I want the question to be submitted when the user clicks anywhere on the screen. I have the correct hotspot chosen and two triggers set. One to submit the interaction when they click on the correct hotspot. And one to submit the interaction when they click outside of the hotspot. I have 3 attempts with a custom slide for incorrect. When they click on a spot that is incorrect, it pops up that it is an "Invalid Answer" and they must complete the question before submitting. You click ok and it still shows the Try Again layer. If you click wrong again, it takes you to the Incorrect layer. I don't have a submit button. I have it set to submit "on click." What am I missing? Can I not set it up this way?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Erin, 

Happy to help!

There isn't a way to add another correct hotspot to your slide but you could take a look at the solutions shared in this community post to see if any of them work for you.

You're in expert hands with our community members, and I'll let them chime in with some solutions that they can share with you to help you out!