Creatiing a continuous presentation in Storyline


I am trying to create a presentation in storyline. When published , I want it to run like a video, only to pause when some user input is needed. I have been able to do this in adobe captivate 6 but in storyline, it always shows the next/previous buttons and they need to be clicked in order to move from slide to slide. If I remove these buttons from the player, then also the presentation does not move from one slide to the next automatically.



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Gerry Wasiluk


Set all your slides to advance automatically (see this tutorial).

On the last slide in your course, do not have your slide automatically advance to the next.  Add a trigger like the one below that automatically moves back to the first slide in the course at timeline end (for the slide).

For pausing a slide, you can add the seekbar to each slide.  Or you can do your own pause/play button.