Creating a "build it" quiz question

Oct 16, 2013

I need to create quiz question for putting together some equipment.  My goal is to have the learner drag the pieces ( pictures) on top of each in the correct order. Working with the drag and drop will not let me connect piece 2 to piece 1. I've tried hotspots, not working... Any advice on how to create this quiz quesion?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Stephanie,

Your post had me searching on my hard drive for a really simplified version of a drag/drop build-it I'd created to answer a community member question over a year ago. Not sure if it will help to get you started, but figured it was worth a shot.

I'd actually come up with a solution similar to Nick's, except I created the target objects with dotted lines. Also, this example actually pops into a lightbox when it's completed, since that met the needs of the individual who'd previously asked the question....speaking of which, please shout out with any questions!

Steve Flowers

A few ways to go about building assembly procedure simulations. One of the best ways is to anchor your first part then build sequentially on the first part. Here's an example I built a couple of years ago during the Storyline Beta. It might work differently now. Haven't tested opening this file in a newer version:

Demo 1


This one isn't drag and drop but might give you some ideas:

Demo 2


One other thing you can try with your dragged objects is offsetting the graphic so that the connection area is at the center of the shape and use small transparent shapes as your target area. Basically making it so that the center of the shape interlocks with your target. This lets you get precise with your object placement and make stuff fit together nicely.

Steve Flowers

Hi Stephanie,

The way I work grading for complex interactions is by using a "hidden" true / false or multiple select question. So if I wanted to make it a go / no-go, I'd use triggers to modify the selected choice in a true / false question. If I wanted to grade each part of a sequence / process, I'd change the selection of a particular set of choices so that the way the interaction was answered could be tracked by the LMS.

You'd need another method if you wanted to give partial credit. Something like breaking the interaction up over multiple slides could do the trick.

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