Creating a copy of our reference handbook within our modules?

Apr 05, 2017

Hello all,

I am wondering if there is a way for me to create a copy of our companies reference handbook to have within our various training modules. 

I would prefer it to be accessed through a drop down menu up by the glossary tab but am not sure of the best way to go about it.

This would be on a master template for every training module we have.

Perhaps using web objects from out website?

Any ideas are welcome!




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Wesley Scott

Hi Ali,

I'm sorry I should have been more clear.  I need to do it in a way so that it does not leave the module.  Our reference handbook is not something we just give out and definitely do not want .pdf copies floating around; although that would have made this task much easier.

I guess I was just hoping there would be a way for me to create an electronic copy within the module so clients could open specific pages when referenced in the training.




Ali Goulet

Hey Wes,

Ah! Ok, that makes a lot of sense.  It sounds like you may be on the right track with using a web object then. They'd be able to access it within the course without being redirected out or having the ability to download it. Perhaps adding a button up at the top of your slide master that would trigger a layer with the web object? I threw together a quick rough example of what I'm talking about which I've attached here. I'll have to defer to our super creative Community Members for other design ideas on this one but hopefully that'll at least be a good jumping off point! 

You may also be able to get some ideas and insights for this from our community if you reach out in our Building Better Courses forum. It's a fantastic melting pot of great design ideas and tips as well as folks with a wealth of instructional design knowledge and expertise! :)

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