Creating a Gated Course with Custom Control

Dec 10, 2012

Hi all...I will try to be brief.

We create two versions of each course: an ungated and gated version.  No issues with ungated, but running into some with gated.

A gated course is basically a sit and watch experience, with interaction when the course calls for it (don't get me started on the value of this type of is what we are asked for).

For this, the restricted/locked options aren't enough.  We need to remove seek bar and disable the Next button until the timeline completes (using variables and triggers).

What I want is an easy way to lock courses down.

What I have tried is creating a NEXT slide button layer in the slide master to appear when the timeline ends.  I cannot get this to work.  I can either...

A) create a NEXT button that is always on screen that works


B) create a NEXT button layer that shows up at end of timeline, but doesn't work.

I suspect I am missing something in storyview, as I am losing all slide triggers, but how can I fix?

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Tim Samp

Thanks Mike, but trying to do this at the slide master level, not on every slide.

It does not work when in a layer on the slide master.

Steve...I tried your state change route, and it is non-responsive again.

I have went as far as creating an off screen Next Slide trigger on each slide to create my linear path, but it doesn't help.

Steve Flowers

Ah, I think I see the challenge. You're running into the barrier between the base timeline and the master slide timeline. You can't communicate directly with triggers. I use a variable and "variable listener" to cross the barrier. I have a better example somewhere but the examples in this thread should help:

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