Restricted view

Jan 15, 2016

My course is set for restricted view as we do not want learners to advance to the next slide until the current slide is complete. We do want them to be able to go backwards. I have found that this works great on slides with a single base layer, however most of my slides have layers. On slides with layers, the NEXT button is disabled while the base layer plays but as soon as a layer appears, they are able to advance. 

Am I going to have to create a true/false variable and triggers for every slide with layers? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Erika! 

That is a fabulous example and very thorough explanation of your issue by the way. Thank you!

Ok, you are correct, it is based upon the timeline of the slide, but you are allowing the slide to complete before moving to a layer, and that is why the user is able to proceed. The layer timelines are not a part of this requirement.

Your method of correcting this works great since you are not expecting any interaction from the user. Perhaps if your user had to 'click' to close layers, you could trigger the first layer to open at a specific time, have the layers set to pause the timeline of the base layer and then your next button would work as expected. Your solution looks cleaner though.

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