Creating a Memory Test slide

Mar 12, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to create a slide that provides a memory test!  I want the user to click a button that reveals an image of person but I want that image to disappear after ten seconds where a number of boxes with different descriptions appear for the learner to select based on what they've seen.  I've set this up on a Pick Many quiz slide by the way (Storyline 1).

I know I could have the image disappear after ten seconds by using the timeline but I really want the learner to be prepared for their ten seconds of viewing at their leisure rather than as soon as the slide jumps in.  Therefore, is there a way to set the timing just for the image based on when the learner 'starts the clock'?

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks in advance, Nay

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primus  pandumudita

Hi Naomi.

You can create new layer on your slide. Add a box then make it trasnparent using format setting. So user don't notice when the layer appear. Don't forget to set the timeline of the layer to ten second. Also add triger on the layer "jump to slide" "when timeline end"

The next step is create button "start the clock" then set it to show new layer.

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