Screen Recordings - Getting Captions Not to Disappear

Version: Storyline 2

I am new to Storyline. I am also new to the Record Screen feature.

I'm using call out boxes to tell the learner where to click on the screen. The call out box starts appears a few seconds into the slide. Regarding when it disappears, I only see the options:

  • Show until the end of the slide
  • Always show on slide

I don't want either option. I want this message to appear a few seconds into the slide. I don't want it to disappear at all - even at the end. When the learner clicks the hot spot, the next slide will appear.

How do I set it up in Storyline so that the call out doesn't disappear?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi PL, 

As Bret mentioned it may be easiest to take a look at your .story file - but I also wanted to point out that you don't have to have either of those options selected and you can then drag the item's timeline to extend to the end of your overall timeline or to whatever point you'd choose - but based on what you're describing with the hotspot, and the timeline it sounds like things may be behaving as I'd expect. 

You may want to review some of the information here on working with screen recordings in the meantime. And the information here on working with the timeline. 

Patrick Lambe

Thanks for the offer, Bret. Unfortunately, I can't share the Storyline file because it includes firm branding, information, etc. that I can't share on the Internet. I appreciate the offer though.

Thanks Ashley. I have the "point out" text box extended to the end of the timeline already. That's why I'm surprised it disappears at all. As I have appearing in 100% of the timeline after a certain point, I don't know why Storyline is deciding to make it disappear.

Thanks again.