Creating a notes function that allows for printing

Feb 13, 2019

I am looking for the ability to embed a Notes section on each slide of a project that will hold the learner's entries persistently.


Like this user, I am looking for something that lets the user take notes on several slides, then print the entire course with those personal notes alongside (or below, above, etc.) in a user-friendly manner.

Furthermore, we need the ability to then print these notes (or save to PDF) in a way that is formatted so that it is useful as a study aid for the user or that could be submitted for assessment to an instructor.

I've seen various options like this and this, but nothing that produces a fully formatted notes document at the end.

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Aaron Kapala

Hi Luke,

We have a few courses we have that allow the learner to take the modules, add notes throughout the module and then take a test. At the end of the module, they can then download their PDF feedback/results along with their notes. 

We have achieved this using variables so the content is pulled across to the PDF and then used PDFMake to create it.

I have attached an example PDF which would normally have a logo at the top of the page, then all the information. Is this something your trying to achieve?

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