Creating a prerequisite


I am quite new to Storyline and having trouble finding the prerequisite tool.

I have 6 chapters, which I would like learners to take in any order they wish, however would like each chapter to display as completed on the menu screen when they have been completed (e.g. with a tick), then a new message and continue box to appear on the menu slide, but only when all chapters have been completed. The continue box will then move on to the next scene.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Simon Perkins

Hi Chris

You'll need to decide what constitutes completion of a chapter, use variable(s) to track exactly that, then have a state assigned to each 'chapter launch button' that includes a tick.

Re chapter completions, you'll need to look at the flow and see how best to do this.  It's easy if the learner has to start at say chapter 3 slide 1 and sequentially work their way through to slide 10.  In which case you could create a variable called Chapter3 and set it to False, then at the relevant point on slide 10 (of chapter 3 of course) you would set Chapter3 to True.  Effectively this means the learner has gone through and completed chapter 3.  Then, in your menu slide, you'd have let's say a button that launches chapter 3, and you'd add a new state (called Completed) to it and include a tick in the image.  You'd also need to add a trigger at slide level (on the menu slide) that changes the state of that button to Completed if (condition) Chapter3 = True.

Deciding what constitutes a chapter's completion status can be easy (if you keep it simple) but it can also be tricky if you need the learner to achieve certain things along the way, e.g complete a couple of interactions successfully, complete a branching scenario that has multiple paths/slides etc.  This is where you'll normally need to use multiple variables to track these individual events - and maybe have one another variable (like Chapter3) that only switches to True when these other activities have been done correctly.

Michael Hinze

Hi Chris, see this example here. It has seven sections that need to be completed (in any order) before a summary screen is displayed: . You could delete the one extra section, and change the summary screen layer to display a complete message and a Continue button. The logic is quite simple: At the last screen of each section, a variable is set to indicate completion of a section. Back at the menu, once all seven variables are true, the summary layer is displayed. Hope that gets you started.