Creating a Scored Scenario

I know what i want to achieve in Storyline, I'm just not too sure where to start or how to get it to work... any suggestions would be great:

I am creating a scenario based on a healthcare practitioner completing a Risk Assessment, there are a total of 26 questions to be completed based on data that will be displayed on screen.  Each question has between 2 and 6 possible options to select, however each option has a score associated with it.

When all questions have been answered I would like to show the score the user has achieved, based on the answers they selected.

I don't want any feedback to be given when each question is completed, but when they have received their score they need to be able to go back and review their answers alongside the 'correct' answers identified by the Subject Matter Expert.

Can anyone help or give me a clue where to start.  Many thanks in advance.


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Antony Snow

Hi Helen,

I think the attached might achieve what you are trying to.

I have created 2 questions and as you can see from the answer options, 1 choice awards 2 points (this is the 'correct' answer the SME would give), another awards 1 point (presumably an answer that is partially correct) and the others award 0 points.

I have created a number variable called 'Users Score' that adds the relevant points depending on the users selection and I have added a reference to this variable to display the putcome on the 'How did you do?' slide - I haven't used a standard result slide here to allow for the pass mark to be between 2 numbers (in my example, the user passes if they score 3 or above).

I have added a 'review' button to the passed and failed layers on the 'How did you do?' slide and have added triggers to change the states of each answer option depending on the state of an off-screen object that relates to each - these are initially set to hidden but are changed to normal when the user clicks on 'submit' on condition that the state of the relevant answer option equals 'normal'.

My explanation is probably hard to follow but I hope you can understand the mechanics more easily by looking at the attached