Creating a sidebar that Articulate can use over and over

Aug 21, 2012

I am creating a app to be distributed using the mobile player on a ipad

My design has a sidebar that I want to have appear the entire time the app is being used.  The only solution I have found to keep it there is to create each image with the sidebar and then use hotspots as touch points.

It has been working so far, but due to the fact that the app has about 30 pages, it is quickly becoming clear that I am creating the side bar over and over again, thus probably not a smart use of code.

Below are a few images of my app.  Notice the sidebar will always appear on the right side.

Q:  Is their a way I can just create 1 sidebar and have it appear the entire time, and have the graphics on the left of it change?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Ben,

I like the look of your project by the way. Using a slide master and it's blank layout, you could paste the sidebar there. Every new blank slide will then include that sidebar automatically. You won't be able to edit the sidebar except within the slide master, but at least you won't have to paste the sidebar on each slide anymore. You can also apply the layout to all existing slides you already have as well.

Here is the tutorial on slide masters.


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