Creating a trigger for a web object

Hi everyone! I'm using AS2.  I have a presentation with a slide (blank format) which is comprised solely of a web object. The web object points to/displays in the presentation window a Survey Monkey 3-question survey. I want to force the user to complete the survey (hitting the submit button within the survey/web-object itself) before they can proceed to the next slide.  But I don't know if it's possible to use a trigger or write some type of condition for the web object that will tell Storyline not to show a 'next button' (not the one on the player but one that I added as a control) so that the user can advance to the next slide until the user has submitted the survey. I have the Survey Monkey survey set up to close the survey window completely once the survey has been submitted, but as you know that doesn't inherently/automatically change the state of the web object as far as Storyline is concerned. So if anyone knows how to get Storyline to somehow detect a changed state once the user clicks the 'submit' button within the web object itself, that would be great. In another approach, I was thinking about somehow trying to put a hot spot in the same place that the Survey Monkey's submit button shows up, but since the user can scroll down through the survey, they could potentially have any field in the survey over that hotspot while filling out the questions.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!


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Bonnie Davis

Hi Ashley,

Thank you very much for you reply! What I did for now is to first direct the users to the survey via the survey's actual URL, and then upon submission of that information SurveyMonkey redirects to the published presentation's URL, launching it. That way we gather the demographic/registrant information first before they can access the presentation. I look forward to hearing ideas on a possible Javascript trigger.

Have a great week!