Creating an assessment with separate sections

Jul 11, 2018

We are building comprehensive final assessment to measure the learner's ability to perform tasks covered in a series of courses. Because the assessment is going to cover different topics, we need to build an assessment separated by sections. We do not want the sessions to be visible to the learner. However, when we pull the reports from our LMS (built in house), we would like to identify the areas where the learner needs coaching. How can we do this in Stoyline 360?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Virginia,

Have you considered using question banks?

This is a great way to shuffle and draw slides for your learners so that each one can have a unique quiz experience.

In addition, you can have multiple question banks in a course, which the learner does not see. You can name these question banks and it should display in your LMS reporting as well.

I'm attaching a sample file.

You can see what the learner would experience here.

I have two question banks. Question Bank 1 and Question Bank 2 and you can see them defined in my LMS results as QuestionDraw1 and QuestionDraw2:

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