Creating bespoke/hybrid simulations

Aug 14, 2015

HI. I want to create a simulation which is, I think, something of a crossbreed between show me and try me.

With 'View' mode the blue box comes up to tell the user what they would click; then the screen moves the mouse and clicks on it. So very passive for the user. It is all automatic.

With 'Try Me' there's no blue box unless the user hovers over the right place and a hint box appears. The user clicks the correct area; if they don't an error box comes up.

I want the (blue) boxes on screen straight away (like in view mode) to tell people where to click, but I want the user to click the box, not for it to happen automatically (like Try Me mode). At the moment I can't see that is possible unless you do lots of edits to the Try Me, by removing the correct and incorrect layers and moving the Hint caption to the base layer.

The reason for wanting this type of simulation is so additional information can be given on screen (eg to explain a field/box) then the user makes entries and clicks where necessary.  

Any advice - or am I completely missing something?


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Still Wondering

I don't think you're missing anything. I've done something similar: I copied the hints (of Try Me mode) and put them on the base layer, letting them appear after 4-5 seconds. I.e. if the viewer starts mousing, they still get the Try Me hints, and if they don't do anything, the suggestion appears. My movies were short, so editing them wasn't a big deal - your situation may of course be different.

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