Storyline Record Screen best practices?

Mar 07, 2022

Hi -I am trying to use the Record Screen feature to do a software simulation. I'd like to know if anyone can provide suggestions on how to best make use of this feature and if they have any "how to" tips.

For example, after I have made a recording of the steps they should take, should I add text boxes with instructions? I notice with "Try Mode" the Hint Caption layer appears if the user happens to hover over the part where you want them to click or type something, and then that disappears after 3 seconds. So should I add a text box on the screen with some instructions that tell the user what to do?

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Tom Hoffman

The other thing I struggle with is that even if I add a Caption with some instructions, by default it only stays on the screen for about 4 seconds.

I'm also curious if someone has a good way to end the simulation. When they finally get to the end and are successful, do you just add a caption that says "Good job!" or perhaps show an image with two thumbs up, or ...?