How to record sound from the user in storyline?

Oct 20, 2021

Dear expert, 

I have a request from my boss. He want create a English course that allow the user listen to the word and repeat to practice pronunciation. I don't know how to add a record feature in storyline, Can Everyone know the way to do that. The record is used only the slide when user click and record their voice, they can hear it again in the slide after they go to the new slide, the record no longer be saved. Hope I receive the answer  from the expert. Thank you.

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Linh Nguyen Phu

Dear Phil, Thank a lot. I used as web object. But the problem is that when we used this website in the first time It required you to allow it use your microphone. But The web object in storyline don't active this fearture so it appear error when the user want to record their voice