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Oct 18, 2012

Can we create extra tabs on the sidebar. At the moment it seems we are limited to Menu, Glossary and Notes.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Asif, 

You sure can. Besides the four ready-made tabs that come with Storyline, you can also add tabs of your own. These tabs can contain any additional slide content that you want, or you can assign any other trigger action to them. Here's how to add a tab:

  1. Click the Add button (the icon that looks like a blank piece of paper) below the list of player tabs.
  2. The Trigger Wizard window appears. Type a name for the tab in the Name field.
  3. Use the Align field to choose where to place the tab. You can choose Topbar Left or Topbar Right.
  4. Use the Action field, along with the fields that follow it, to tell Storyline how to respond when learners click the tab. This is called a Trigger. (For example, if you want a certain slide to appear in a lightbox when the learner clicks the tab, you would choose Lightbox slide as the trigger action, and then choose the slide you want to lightbox.) You can also includeConditions that determine the circumstances under which the trigger occurs. To learn more about triggers and conditions, check out this tutorial.
  5. When you're finished entering the Trigger information for your new tab, click OK.

You can learn more about Player Features here

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Hello Peter,

Asif, thank you for your question. 

I tried to follow these instructions because I want to create customized tabs for my Studio '13 module.  I tried using these instructions and there is no "Add" button in "Feature:


Is there no way to create customized tabs in Studio '13? 

Thank you, Barbara

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Thanks Leslie.  I realized that those instructions were for Storyline, although I see now as I re-read my message that it wasn't clear that I realized that the instructions were for Storyline. 

I had also already read the Player Features for Studio '13, before writing the message. 

I am already using the Notes tab for the actual script that will be narrated.  Unless I can then create another Notes tab and re-label it, I don't see how I could use your suggestions above.

I have learned since writing this message through "messing around" with the software that I can add an Engage interaction and turn it into a Tab.  I can also create a Quiz in QuizMaker, use the "Blank Slide" option, take out the "Results" slide, and use that as a work around for a static Tab.  I have already done this. 

Tab Workarounds

Thanks, Barbara

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