Creating keyframes

Does anyone know if it's possible to add keyframes to an image if I want to move it around in real time?  I have a logo that I would like to start out small and in the center and then zoom out to fill the screen over a three second period.  My second thought (after finding many Flash references in the forums, which I don't have access to) is to create a video file and drop that in, but I would love to be able to manipulate my layers within Storyline.

Any thoughts, musings, hairbrained schemes?



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Steve Flowers

Hey Jay - 

Video would be the way to go with this. There are a few great tools for creating things like this. On the Mac, I like Keynote for simple animation tasks. On the PC, you might have good luck with these:

Both of these are great tools with a bit different focus. For movements over time, either one would do the trick. If you wanted more timeline control, events, lip syncing, and bones / kinematics then you'd be better off with Anime Studio.