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Aug 08, 2012

Hi there

I have a few slides with some free text boxes that the user can enter and then also two drop down boxes that the user can select the correct answer from. This is not created as a quiz, as the user can enter whatever they want.

I've created the drop down boxes using layers. This is how it works:

The user clicks in the "Click to select 1" box, then my drop down menu layer is displayed. The user selects the entry that they want which triggers another layer for that entry to replace the "Click to select 1" box. This all works fine until the user clicks in the "Click to select 2" box, and the drop down entry is replaced with "Click to select 1" box.

I want the "Click to select 1" box to keep the entry that the user selected, but have no idea how to do this. I'm not sure if I've explained this very clearly but I've attached the file for you to have a look at. Any ideas would be welcomed!

I'm not sure if I've maybe over complicated things and there is an easier way of doing this?!

Many thanks


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Greg Damron

Cool project Shelley! Using states instead of layers for your menu selections may be an easier way to go (it seems the updated info from multiple layer selections was hiding/cancelling your previous updates).  I modified your menu2 drop down to use custom states (1-5) for the text box on the base layer. I also made a change to the rectangle1 trigger to treat it as a click outside instead of hover border. Please take a look and see if this may help for what you would like to do. If this works the way you would like the menu1 drop down would need similar changes.  Best regards, -Greg D.

Shelley McKay

Hi Greg

That worked like a charm. Thank you SO much!

I'm sorry I sent through my whole project. That was a mistake! It's really odd, but I saved just the relevant slide, which is what I see when I open the project, but for some reason when I attached it here, it was the whole thing! I'm glad you were able to find which slide I was referring again sorry about that.

Many thanks


Shelley McKay

Hi Jeff

On your menu layer add a trigger to change the state of each  menu item when hovered over. Add a "hover" state for each menu item and make it a different colour. So when the user clicks and the drop down menu appears, when hovering over each menu item it should be highlighted as per your hover state.

I hope that makes sense!


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