Creating Quizzes in Right-to-Left Languages

Aug 01, 2012

I currently have the free trial version of Storyline, and a big factor in deciding whether to purchase the software is right-to-left language support. 

I need to create a multiple-choice quiz in Hebrew and have been following the tutorial on RTL languages.  However, one of the screenshots in the tutorial has some buttons that do not appear in my version.  Is this because I have the free trial version and need to buy the product before I can see them, or am I missing something?

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Amir Elion

Hi Gahan.

We use Storyline to produce RTL Hebrew elearning quite a lot.

You can either create quiz templates and feedback templates that are RTLized or use free form question types.

The player setting can also be set to be RTL (with menu appearing on right and text aligned right and RTLized.

Also, you can customize the player and feedback language strings.

From all the elearning tools we work with, I'd say Storyline has the best RTL support to date. iSpring's latest version are also pretty good on it as far as I recall but no match to other storyline capabilities.


Amir Elion

Sij X said:

Hi Amir,

I wanted to know more about customizing the player. How do I swap my previous and next buttons to have previous on the right and next on the left? Please please advise

I'm afraid there no way to do that. What we do is hide those buttons altogether in the player and add custom buttons on the slides or masters

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