Creating recovery points when saving?

Jan 16, 2015

I ran into a corrupt file in Storyline and was able to recover a version that was saved from 3 days ago even though I had saved the project countless times between then and now. Is there a way to create recovery points at the end of each day so that if something like this happens in the future I wouldn't lose so much work?

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Wendy Farmer

Not that I don't trust Autosave ;-) I make a backup to an external drive every night and in between if I have done a decent chunk of work I wouldn't want lost - named  (if I added some functionality that took a while  - like  set up a custom menu with all the variables etc.) and dated so I can access quickly .

Steve Flowers

Working directly from a local synced folder is another good way to protect work. I have been working from within my Dropbox folder for a couple of years. Handy to have the opportunity to roll back to any previous version. The ability to share files is a bonus. 

Moving from my desktop to my laptop is seamless and if I happen to be at work or somewhere where I don't have access to my gear, I can still grab a file. Dropbox provides a terabyte of synced storage for $99 / year.