Creating variables for Names and quizzes.

Apr 27, 2018

Hi, guys

I am currently working on a project, but I screwed up my quizzes. Can anyone please share with me how I can create variable on a quiz to give me the right or wrong response? I also do not want to use the submit for this, I am creating another button for that.

I also desire to have the learner input his or her name at the start of the course so his or her name can appear on each screen to enhance interactivity. Please can you advise on how to right code or create a variable for names?


Thank you.

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Trevor Peglowski


More than happy to help! Can you attach your .story file so I can help you play around with what you're looking for? Do you have one started?

See the attached document for the name part. If you add an Input for text entry, it automatically creates a variable that you can recall by putting %_% around its name, as shown. 

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