Cross Domain SCORM Communication

Aug 16, 2013

Good afternoon everyone. I am running into a major issue and I was wondering if anyone can help.

The current requirements for a Learning Management Solution that we are building allow for modules that will be built with Articulate's Storyline software to be hosted either in the LMS (Same Domain) or hosted externally (A Different Domain).

The same domain versions are working without issue.

We are working on the cross domain SCORM communication and are running into a security issue where the SCORM javascript cannot talk back to the LMS because it is on a different domain.

That being said, does anyone have any existing workarounds for this within the Articulate platforms (or best practices) so we can solve this?

Thanks and any help that I can get is appreciated. 


Logan Speights

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Electron Karthick

If possible change the communication mode to AICC and managing cross domain communication is relatively easy. I have explained this in my article in detail:

The code used for relaying the communication taken from articulate support article from this link (this is for presenter based course, but proxy code is very much reusable)

If you cannot change to AICC then i would suggest building a similar 'proxy' solution for SCORM as well (something i am planning to cover in my blog later).