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Feb 10, 2014


Has anyone ever developed a crossword quiz and managed to make it look good?  I have attempted one using drag and drop but my testers don't seem to like it.  They would rather type the answers in.  Is there a way to do this?  I am sure it will be tricky?

Thank you, Ruth

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Caroline M

Hi Ruth!

I've made something, don't really know if that's what you're looking for, just tell me


Have a nice day,



To add a bit more to my message, here you can find a Screenr about creating a crossword with Quizzmaker.

I also know that you can use software like Eclipse Crossword, create your crossword and then embed it in Storyline ou Studio as a web object. 

Ruth Sparrey

Oh my goodness Caroline - not only is that a speedy reply but your link is absolutely amazing.  Would you mind sharing with me how you did that?  It's great!  It's not quite what I was thinking of but I can adapt to do something like this if I could have some tips?  Thank you so very much, I am new to this and learning.  Ruth

Alphonso Hendricks


Thanks for sharing. Since I do not speak French, I clicked all the letters at random until some clicked letters eventually linked up to form a word.

Only improvement I would suggest as a result of this is that a running score rewards only clicking correct letters, whilst penalising wrong choices.


Thanks for link to HotPotato.

Ruth Sparrey

Thanks for all your comments.  Really helpful.

I'm now changing the direction of the thread slightly.  I have used elcipse to develop a simple crossword which I was very happy with.  My LMS is open source software Moodle so I publish to SCORM 1.2 for playing my articulate course on that site.  When I do this the crossword does not work.  I have seen a couple of help pointers on the articulate site that explain why:

  • Web objects with jQuery (JavaScript) don't work in Internet Explorer
  • Web object doesn't display when published
  • So, I am assuming that this means that I can't use elcipse in SCORM.  Does anyone know then,  any other crossword generators that I can use as a web object that will translate to SCORM and play on moodle?

    As always thanks in advance, Ruth

    Joshua Roberts

    Nick Russell said:

    I wanted to see if i could create a crossword in Storyline in which the users enter their answers letter by letter directly into the crossword grid. I created the following childrens game which I entered into David Anderson's weekly challenge. I thought you guys on this thread might have a special interest, so posted it here too. 


    story file

    Haha, that Tiger is a dude!

    Enjoyed that.

    Malgorzata Pis

    Hi all!

    Since it's been over 5 years, almost none of the links work anymore... I created a crossword puzzle in Storyline. The only feedback I could create in "Incorrect" layer is that one of the answers in the puzzle is incorrect. Is there a way to automatically show which particular answer is wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    Leslie McKerchie

    Hello Malgorzata and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

    I was able to view most of the links and the file above, so I wanted to reshare them here for you.

    Interactive Crossword to Presenter

    Crossword puzzle in Quizmaker

    If you'd like to share your .story file, I'm sure that someone in the community may be able to chime in and help with the design.

    Edith Olexiuc

    I tried to mimic a puzzle I downloaded from one of the challanges but I can't get it to display the answer, can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Challenge.story is not my work that is what I am trying to accomplish not exactly the same but simialr.  CWPuzzle. story is the file I can't get to display the answer for 3 Across.  I appreciate and welcome input from everyone.

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