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Jul 10, 2012

Does anyone include crossword puzzle exercises into their projects?  If so, any tools I could use to quickly generate one?

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Karen.

Brian Batt put together a really neat Screenr Tutorial on creating a guided Crossword Puzzle quiz in Quizmaker '09.  The process will be very similar in Storyline.

Brian's method is a bit less interactive than actually authoring a puzzle using a third-party tool and inserting it as a web object.

In this thread, Dave Moxon gives a nice recommendation on Crossword Weaver as a more interactive option, with the caveat that Java is a prerequisite.

Randy Hill


Were you able to get your solution working?  We have a customer that is wanting to do a crossword puzzle for a sales rep training meeting.  I have the crossword laid out on paper but want to make an interactive piece from it where, like you said, the user can select which word they would like to solve and in no particular order.  I was thinking about using hotspots to take them to questions that when answered correctly would show the corresponding layer correctly.  But to be honest I am lost as to where to start.  

Any direction you could give would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Adi Has

Hi there.

There are many interactive crossword puzzle generators available. They allow for easy generation through a click of a button with multiple configurations for a given set of words. You then select which one suits you.

Examples include interactive crosword puzzle generators such as CrosswordCompiler and EclipseCrossword. Search the web for them.

Take care.


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