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Christine Hendrickson

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I don't believe it's currently possible to do this. You can assign another key with the CTRL key, but an "on click" trigger would be separate. For example, you could use a trigger for CTRL+Enter, or a trigger for a click, but not both. I do think this combination would make a great feature request, though

Marko Stojkovski

Hello. This is an old topic, but I found it is unsolved, and I was looking for a solution until few hours ago, so that's how I found it.
I have solved this problem with a little bit of JavaScript, and my project is working perfectly.

I have written a small LinkedIn article about how to solve the problem, so you can preview it. I have also shared the javascript code and the .story file, so feel free to take a look at the details, and I hope you may find it helpful.

Link to the article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ctrl-click-select-many-shift-trigger-software-marko-stojkovski?published=t

I have also created a post on my webpage, with the same content, so here is another link to the same solution: http://www.enaspot.com/?portfolio=ctrl-click-trigger-select-many-in-software-simulation