cue point alignment

May 02, 2013

hi everyone ,

can somebody help me in following issue:

i have a group of objects (say 100)which i want to align on  timeline between different cue points e.g.

object 1 between cue point 1 and cue point 2 , then object 2 between cue point 2 and cue point 3 and so on ..also time duration between two cue points is not fixed e.g. 5 sec between cp1 and cp2, 7 sec between cp2 and cp3 etc.

can i do it at one go or i have to do it manually one by one .

thanx in anticipation .


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Parmanand!

Sounds like you're wanting to spread those objects out along the timeline, correct?

I'm not aware of a way you can do this for multiple objects in one go. You may need to manually arrange each object in the timeline, according to when you want them to appear.

One quick question, though; are you using the same object multiple times? If so, you could arrange multiple versions of that object, according to the time you'd like to show them. Once you have those in place, you can duplicate them and then arrange them. It's not perfect, but it may save you some time. 

I hope this helps!

parmanand kumar

thanx a lot christine for quick answer ,but problem is time duration for different objects is not same , still what you suggested must save time , so i think  i have to arrange them manually one by one (which is very frustrating).i saw a post on similar line by STEVE and i have asked him ,if he can help.

thanx again for your time 


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