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Alexandros Anoyatis

You can't use cue points to do that. However there's another way to do this.

Just to be clear, when you say "play the video again", do you mean resume the video or stop and replay it from the beginning?

If the former is true, then one way to do this (off the top of my head) is the following :

  • Create your cue points.
  • Create a separate object (such as a button, textbox, anything really) offslide for each cuepoint and adjust the start point of each element to each cue point.
  • Create separate layers which will contain your questions (again one question layer for each que point). Make sure the Base Layer pauses for each one.
  • On your base layer create triggers in the form of "Go to layer X when timeline of object 1 starts", "Go to layer Y when timeline of object 2 starts" etc.

If all goes well you should have a working solution this way.

If you want to replay the video from the beginning, then it is a different process - you will have to use a variable to track when and where to stop each time.

Hope this helps,

max maizels

is there a way to set up a trigger such that, when clicked will advance or rewind video being shown

perhaps, as an analogy, as there are chapters points in a dvd....in this way the learner can click to navigate a video, rather than use the scrub bar

thanks for all your community /articulate support


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Max,

Did you Insert your video from a file or a website? If so, there's an option to show video controls.

Click the movie on the slide. This will make the Movie Tools: Options tab active (in red highlight in screenshot)

Then, you can click on the Show Video Controls check box (also in red highlight in screenshot).

Please shout out with any questions.