Cue Points Not Working as Expected

Nov 03, 2023


I am trying to create an interactive video in storyline 360 using cue points where once the timeline reaches a certain time, a layer will pop with question and the base timeline will pause. If user answers incorrectly, a trigger will take the timeline a couple seconds in the past for user to see the video and answer correctly.

It is working fine for the first question but once someone answers the later questions incorrectly, storyline jumps to a cue prior to the one it should have.

Please help.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

just tested

  • Q1: B -> Q2: B -> Q3: B -> Q4: B -> Q5: B -> all working


  • Q1: first A, then B -> Q2: A => Q1 again visible after click, after click Q1 again

and a very interesting test on review 360:

you should open a support case with all this information (link to this thread)


Michael Gallagher

Definitely open a support ticket. Your approach should have worked. Attached is your SL file with variables added to the cue points in the main timeline and adjusting those variables when Questions answered correctly. It appears to work but seems like an odd addition to fix something thats not broken.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

there are 5 new variables (each for one question)


which are set to true on the first correct click of a question


if the internal error in storyline appears (multiple question are opened)  the wrong questions are not opened anymore



but this unfortunately not global fixes the jump to time/cue problem

you have to set the player to "Seekbar is read-only" (which makes sense here anyway) - then the "fix" should be working

Melissa Wood

I have a question regarding course completion,

If I were to remove home slides and course completion slides and add a trigger to "set course is completed once timeline ends on current slide"

will the 'fixes' work and course can be completed in LMS until they solve the real issue?

Also seekbar for students will be read only, that was only for me to test since video was long.


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

here a new version

  • added an extra layer "retry"
  • added to every wrong answer a trigger to show this layer
  • added an rectrangle with 99% transparency (block the user click on the video)
  • optimized publish duration (set video compression to "None")