Cue Points not Working for Text Box...

Feb 07, 2013

Hello  I am new to Storyline, so I could totally be doing something wrong, but I can't seem to get the cue points to display the correct information and I'm having a devil of a time getting text to show up "on cue". 

I have a text box with animations coming in, and I set up the cue points when I wanted each phrase to display.  I created the cue points, but all of the bullet points are coming in according to the animation, not to the cue points.  I tried removing animation, but then they all show up together, again, not along with the cue points.

Can I use cue points with text? Thanks so much for the help! 

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Kelly Grandolfo

I imported Powerpoint slides into Storyline– but my animations did not take and are not working correctly.  When I try to fix it – it is just not doing what it should do – I can’t get it to paint the format from one text box to another and am not having an easy time working with animations – it is not like PPT so it is difficult for me to figure it out.  I have a move to the left animation that doesn't even seem to be an option in Storyline - are animations reduced in Storyline compared to useing PPT and presenter?

Do you have a detailed tutorial on using animations in Storyline?

Bruce Graham

Hi Kelly, and welcome.

Probably best to have this as a post of it's own - but you are correct, not all animations are supported.

Presenter is a ppt add-on, (so it has the .ppt animations).

Storyline is not - so it doesn't, although more are being worked on.

Animations tutorial is here. If you need more help - can you open a new thread please?

For more details on supported animations see here.



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